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VoiceStream works on Ping Pong SMS support


Short messaging service has found a market in Europe together with the youth marketplace sending countless brief notes to one another throughout the last calendar year. SMS messages cost pennies each messages. However, with over 5 billion SMS messages sent every month, many European operators have started to trust the earnings derived from the agency.


According to the GSM Association, over 50 billion SMS messages were shipped globally throughout the first quarter of the year, with over 200 billion forecast at the end of 2001 Best Ping Pong Tables Tennis Robots Reviews.



VoiceStream Wireless Corp. is hoping to replicate this success on the side of the Atlantic with the coming of its Ping Pong Wireless Internet Text messaging support. The SMS support enables users to send messages of up to 140 characters in length involving telephones, and to and from any Web email address. While that might not be long enough to tell a life story, it ought to be sufficient to receive a brief message across.



Additionally, Ping Pong customers mechanically are supplied access to America Online's Instant Messenger service and Buddy List attribute, the consequence of a bargain between VoiceStream and AOL inked last February.



"We have accepted a multitiered approach for this, SMS together with a wireless online element targeted at the youth market," said Nick Sears, vice president of advertising for brand new merchandise services in VoiceStream.



The GSM Association noted that although the youth economy actually is a principal catalyst to SMS growth across the world, the agency's usefulness has been manipulated by other sections of the marketplace and substituting voice efficiencies sometimes.



"Texting is presently attaining mass-market status in several markets of the planet. Now the visual message is very popular and powerful as voice," said Rob Conway, chief executive officer of the GSM Association.



Emphasizing the messaging feature of the service, VoiceStream struck a deal with Motorola Inc. to utilize its V100. Personal Communicators along with traditional wireless handsets to send messages. The V100 comprises a mini-QWERTY computer keyboard, very similar to Motorola's PageWriter messaging devices, also traditional wireless phone performance functioning on VoiceStream's nationwide GSM network. The telephone works via an ear-piece inserted to the face of the gadget.



The V100 also comprises an integrated mini-browser, VoiceNotes allowing the consumer to capture messages or telephone calls and also supports voice-recognition dialing in numerous languages, including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.



- Read more about table here: https://medium.com/@pingpongstart/best-ping-pong-tables-in-the-world-how-to-make-the-right-choice-5d49d274d1a9



"The Motorola V100 was created especially for the increasing number of customers forcing the text messaging craze," said Miguel Pellon, vice president and general manager of wireless messaging for Motorola. "With over 15 billion SMS text messages sent every month, globally, consumers were requesting something which could simplify the text-entry system that's presently accessible with conventional mobile phones."



Jo Posti, public relations director for messaging products at Motorola, said the V100 premiered in Europe last October by GSM operators and has been selling quite well.



While approval of SMS in Europe is unquestioned, the U.S. economy has yet to take up the cause. Some believe that's had more related to wireless devices than using the usefulness of this service.



"In Europe they're more reliant on mobile devices than we're from the U.S.," noted Rob Hegblom, senior analyst with the Strategis Group.



Sears noted that the achievement of Research In Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry devices reveal that if supplied with a system which lets users quickly send messages, instead of fumbling with a keypad, then SMS approval will expand.



"RIM demonstrated that if you're going to get high information input you have to get a QWERTY keyboard," Sears clarified. "While the vast majority of SMS occurs in Europe, more messaging occurs from the U.S. compared to the rest of the Earth, it's only with email messaging rather than SMS."



Hegblom reported that while he anticipates the Ping Pong support and V100 apparatus to be rather popular, pricing could end up being a deciding factor in the achievement of their ceremony.



VoiceStream provides rate plans for Ping Pong beginning at $25 a month for 500 text messages and 100 anytime minutes. Plans accent the text character of this service over conventional rate programs. The V100 apparatus is expected to retail for $200, together with clients signing up from the end of July getting a $50 rebate. ( About ping-pong paddle, read more here)



"We have entry-level voice support programs for $20 a month," Sears said. "For an extra $5, clients will get messaging and extra voice moments"


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